Catherine Harrell

User Experience Designer

Williams-sonoma redesign CASE STUDY

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CLIENT: Williams-Sonoma 

TEAM: Catherine Harrell

TOOLS: Sketch, Pen & Paper, Invision

DURATION: 2 weeks 

DELIVERABLES: 20 page clickable prototype in Invision

MY ROLE: User Experience Designer, researcher, interview screeners, interviews, persona hypothesis, sketches, wireframes, visual design, testing

CHALLENGE: To design an intuitive web layout to easily sign up for cooking classes and browse related cooking utensils and supplies. 

SOLUTION: Designed a webpage that was simple to navigate and effortless to sign up for a cooking class. 

WHAT I LEARNED: A minimalist approach is best for an intuitive layout and giving the user less to read. Give the user clear action buttons to avoid the "what do I do now" thought. 

RESEARCH: Interviewed four potential users and gathered information on how to make the sign up  process for cooking classes more intuitive. 

INTERVIEWS: The data gathered helped point me to narrow down what users were expecting when signing up for a cooking class.  One aspect lead me in the direction of avoiding a sign up process when checking out for the class. Another aspect lead me to design the page in a much simpler way. 




 Susan goes home after a long school day and looks forward to spending dinner with her husband. She remembers she has a new recipe to try, courtesy of her co-worker. She starts preparing and gets into the cooking stage when she realizes this isn't a cooking method she has used before. She tries going to Williams-Sonoma.Com to look for the cooking class and the only thing she finds is a cooking class that teaches it but she finds she has to call the store to book the class. After struggling for almost an hour and not finding a solution she resorts to cooking a frozen pizza instead. "I wish their was an easier way to sign up for a cooking class and a way to invite friends!"


From the perspective of the persona I was able to sketch some ideas of what would be most helpful to Susan's lifestyle. The important actions became easily signing up for a cooking class and browsing for products that were used in the class. 


Through usability testing I discovered and witnessed how users think and flow when going through a checkout process. It was really useful to watch the users mouse to where they thought a button should be which gave me a lot of insight on how to layout the website in an even more intuitive way. 


  • Rapid prototype
  • Creating a simple flow for adding a cooking class/ checking out process 
  • Executing a website focused on the persona hypothesis needs and kept business goals in mind


  • Make a more minimalist look
  • Discovering what will keep users coming back to the site
  • More research to make the look more appealing and proximity of useful buttons and links 


Further user testing for navigation purposes and action focused buttons/links.