Catherine Harrell

User Experience Designer


Commercial kitchens, particularly small kitchens, need an easier way to convert recipes and easily create shopping lists. Welcome to Rosie!

Rosie helps chefs organize their recipe ingredients and easily scale yield amounts to put their focus back on doing what they do best—bringing people together through amazing food.

TOOLS: Sketch, Illustrator, InDesign, InVision

pocketOSH  app

A concept piece based around the problem of how we raise the visibility of OSHbot among Orchard Supply Hardware customers. Currently customers know nothing about OSHbot or that OSHbot exists in Orchard Supply Hardware. PocketOSH app will bring more awareness of OSHbot’s presence in the store and how to interact with OSHbot. 


Bike rack finder

A concept piece based around the problem of finding a bike location near you or the location you are going. Bike Rack Finder makes it easy for you to locate a bike rack and also check the rating of that particular bike rack. 


Williams-sonoma redesign

A concept piece based around the problem of how unfriendly the current website was regarding booking a cooking class. This redesign lets users book a cooking class quickly and easily with options to purchase cooking supplies. 


Chef crave app

Completed: June 2016

A concept piece based around the problem of cooking around a craving and the current ingredients you have.  Chef Crave is an interactive application to help you in the kitchen and make cooking more fun and entertaining.