Catherine Harrell

User Experience Designer

pocketosh  CASE  STUDY

placeit (2).jpg

CLIENT: Orchard Supply Hardware

TEAM: Blair Warner, Jon Infranco,  Catherine Harrell

TOOLS: Axure, Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop

DURATION: 2 weeks

DELIVERABLES: 20 page clickable prototype in Axure

MY ROLE: User Experience Designer, interviews, persona hypothesis, sketches, wireframes, visual design, testing

CHALLENGE: How do we raise the visibility of OSHbot among Orchard Supply Hardware customers.

SOLUTION: Designed pocketOSH to increase visibility of OSHbot and it's abilities

WHAT I LEARNED: Originally made home icons all the same size but through user testing realized that the about icon needed to be the main focus. 

RESEARCH: As a team we wanted to focus on our client's and user's needs. We spent most of our research time in interviews to find out what was important to the user and what they expected from a robot like OSHbot. 

INTERVIEWS: Our team conducted 9 interviews locally in Seattle. Currently in the United States the only store OSHbot lives is in San Jose, California. Our users fell on a scale of extremely excited to interact with a robot to the opposite end of not so enthused. With this data we were able to create a persona hypothesis.




 Olivia is playing Pokémon on her walk home from a long day at the office. She had to deal with a lot more clients than normal today and is really looking forward to watching a new episode of Game of Thrones tonight! When she gets home and unlocks the door she remembers she was supposed to go to Orchard Supply Hardware to replace her husband's lost key. As she is leaving she notices a couple lights and figures why not, add it to the list. She groans at the thought of dealing with more people, but begrudgingly walks to her car and drives to her nearby Orchard Supple Hardware store. She mentally prepares herself for the potential reality of dealing with a "chatty Cathy" who might try to sell her something, or worse, ask about her day. As she enters she realizes that she has no idea where to go. She wishes there was a quick way to not have to wonder the store, risk potential social interaction, and ultimately find what she needs quickly and efficiently. 


The team had a lot of really great ideas right out of the gate! To bring all our great ideas on a similar mind set we practiced the design studio method. Everyone drew 5 to 8 screens in 5 minutes then presented our ideas to the team. We then did this 2-3 more times to incorporate our ideas plus our favorite parts of our teams sketches until we were all on the same page. We then delegated the final design work load and started creating a functioning prototype using Axure. 


The team put together usability testing and discovered some really insightful information about what we thought was an intuitive app. For instance, the home page displayed four buttons, (About OSH, Products, Services, and Find OSH) that were all the exact same size giving the user the option to choose which ever path they wanted. What we actually found was a lot of confused users not knowing what they should do when they came to the home screen. Thus, came the final design look where the AboutOSH button became the focus of the home screen. 


  • Executed the design studio very effectively so we were able to quickly jump into the designing process and break up tasks based on our skill sets. 
  • Our team communication was extremely clear and always kept the user in mind. 
  • Feedback was taken and received well amongst the team. 


  • Our minimalistic style we were going for on our app seemed a bit, unfinished in certain states. 
  • OSHbot, being such a new concept for most users, made it difficult for our users to relate to pocketOSH. 
  • Clickable areas need to be larger and easier access for users.



We would love to further our user testing of the application's utility, test out in store GPS navigation for "FindingOSH" and taking you straight to the product you desire in the store. We would also like to get more information about increasing the number of OSHbot's in each Orchard Supply Hardware store.