Catherine Harrell

User Experience Designer

chefcrave CASE STUDY

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TEAM: Catherine Harrell

TOOLS: Sketch, Pen & Paper, Invision

DURATION: 1 weeks (Started July 4, 2016)

DELIVERABLES: 5 page clickable prototype in Invision


MY ROLE: User Experience Designer, researcher, interview screeners, interviews, persona hypothesis, sketches, wireframes, visual design, testing

CHALLENGE: How to make cooking, especially during the week, more fun and focused more on your craving versus what you planned/unplanned. 

SOLUTION: Designed ChefCrave to help users use ingredients they have and ingredients they are craving for a desired meal. 

WHAT I LEARNED: Originally made the app with all literature. With further testing found that it looked and flowed better with more images and icons. 

RESEARCH: Interviewed one user and gathered information on how to make their cooking experience more efficient. 

INTERVIEWS: Originally started with one interview and gathered needs, wants, and goals. The information from my interview allowed me to put together a persona hypothesis. 




 Diana is headed home from a long, informed day at school. Her mind is tossing with new information and forming a to-do list. This is about when her stomach makes that familiar noise on her journey home. Dinner! Something Diana always looks forward too. The sound of sizzling butter and onions. Her mouth was starting to water amongst the strangers around her. "I'm craving cheese and chicken!" Diana thinks, but then remembers she has going to use that squash blossom before it goes bad to make a delicious soup. "How can I use the expiring squash blossom, cheese, and chicken in one meal?" 


From the perspective of the persona I was able to sketch some ideas of what would be most helpful to Diana's lifestyle. The important actions became finding recipes based on ingredients she was craving or genres of food. 


Usability testing allowed me to make some key changes like changing the order and size of home action buttons. Through testing I also discovered I needed to find a more readable font. Some suggestions that came up in testing revolved around the appearance and how to make the app overall more friendly in appearance. 


  • Executed a rapid prototype
  • Adapting app to what appealed to users


  • Extending the navigation flow
  • Discovering what will keep users constantly using this app.
  • Add a back button for better navigation flow



I would love to further user testing of the application's utility. Build out the Favorites and Browse Recipe pages and how to incorporate them in the Cook to Your Craving Page.